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Digital signage is a valuable tool designed to engage and inform the campus community with visual messages to students, faculty, staff, and visitors through the broadcast of events and the distribution of other information of interest to the campus such as campus services, public service announcements, and campus events.

Content is intended to augment other means of communication to help promote campus events, registration or other deadlines, and educational opportunities. Digital signage may also be used to highlight student work via video or a PowerPoint presentation.

Buffalo State currently uses a software program called Visix, by Axis TV, for digital signage. Training options include small hands-on workshops or one-on-one sessions. To register for small hands-on, please visit the Workshop Registration System website. For a one-on-one contact Melaine Kenyon 878-6679.

Click the image below to download
a Visix Powerpoint template

Visix PowerPoint template download Visix PowerPoint template download


Before you Begin

*If you are planning on having Computer Graphics create a flyer or poster for this event, you will find a check box on the online job request form to also have them create the digital file for you. Once they design it and send it to you, please fill out this form and submit the file for display.

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Visix digital signage panel

Steps to begin...

1. Create your message file.
This is best accomplished by using PowerPoint. Download one of our templates or use your own. The size should be 10" wide x 7.5" high (4:3 aspect ratio). This should be the default size in PowerPoint.  Please make sure to read over the Best Practices/FAQs for tips on font size, etc.

2. Save the file as a .ppt 
(If you're creating your message in something else such as Adobe InDesign, export your file as a .jpg.)

3. Fill out the form on the Best Practices/FAQs page and upload your file.



*If you submit messages often and would like to become a regular user, please contact Melaine Kenyon (878-6679) for a Visix account.

To Get Your Own Visix Digital Signage...

The Campus’s digital signage can be found on our campus cable system -  channel 8.1.  This channel plays the Campus Playlist on our Visix system.  If you are interested in the procurement and installation of a TV monitor to play this channel in your office, waiting room, or building, please contact Justin Sledz 878-4054 for information.


If you are interested in having your own playlist within your own office, department, or building, please contact Justin Sledz 878-4054 for information.

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